Since 1999 our Seat Cover department has been an important leg of the business. The original seat covers that inspired us were on the East African bush planes ferrying visitors and gear in and out of Nairobi’s Wilson airport to far flung lodges and camps across East Africa.

True to say even to this day you can stop at the side of the road in Nairobi and have a passable set of seat covers made for your 4×4 from a roadside tailor. Provided you give him the right canvas etc. Our approach was to put quality vehicle specific tailor made design around this idea. Combined with professional sourcing of high end heavy duty canvas with all the necessary rub tests and UV ratings etc.

And so it was that Melvill & Moon kicked off a manufacturing industry in 1999. From being the only manufacturer in the business 20 years ago today we are surrounded by many competitors – more than a few with seemingly our exact templates and one with an almost identical rip off of our brass button! Ah well, that’s the fashion game for you. But we work hard to stay ahead of this pack and thankfully we have a great network of supporters , repeat customers and loyal agents and distributors.

“Our approach was to put quality vehicle specific tailor made design around this idea.”

100% Cotton Canvas

Available Colours Sand or Charcoal
· Airbag compliant
· Maximum strength , Panama weave construction
· 510g 100% Cotton Canvas
· Waterproofed to SABS 495 specifications
· Treated with anti-mildew and rot proof to ASTM2170
· Side pockets on front seats
· Secret wallet, passport pocket, trip document pocket
large general tool pocket behind each front seat.
· Solid brass YKK zips, Black Silk Piping


Same fabric and fittings as the Original Range with added luxury features

Leather piping and leather entry wear patch on the side of each front seat.
Personalisation by means of embroidered initials

Available Material Colours Sand or Charcoal

Available Leather trim colours Brown Leather Or Black Leather


Bokseil Agricultural Grade hard wearing Ripstop seat covers.

· 510g, heavy duty material
· Waterproof, anti-soil relief
· Abrasion resistant
· Double stitched & overlocked
· Beeswax finish
· CSIR tested – test results available on request
· Rear map pocket, side cell phone pocket
· Airbag compliant

Only Available in Grey

Melvill & Moon started manufacturing its original seat cover in 1998. Often referred to as the seat cover that started an industry.

Our range includes the Original 100% Cotton Canvas, Premium Range with added luxury features,and our 510g Bokseil heavy duty material.

All seatcovers are Airbag compliant, have side pockets on front seats and are waterproof resistant.
Our Premium covers come with leather piping and are available with personalisation options by means of embroidered initials.
Please visit our Care & Advice section for washing instructions.