Hi everyone, it’s Steffi here!

The UK are currently in its second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Christmas is very much on the horizon and Black Friday is only days away.

With non-essential shops closed, shopping has turned digital.

If you’re like me and prefer to get all of your Christmas shopping finished before December, shops being closed is not ideal!

Mooching around shops is a thing of the past this winter season.

However, this gives us the chance to discover so many amazing online brands.

Batavia House are the sole online distributors for Melvill and Moon who are situated in South Africa.

All of our items are hand-crafted and shipped halfway across the world. We pride ourselves in being a completely authentic brand.

We are bringing a piece of Safari to the British countryside.

Has lockdown made you realise that you want to explore the countryside more?

Or do you have a family member who missed out on their favourite event of the year, such as Point to Point and you want to buy them the perfect accompaniment for next year’s race?

From bags to bars, we have the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Here are my top Christmas gift picks:

1. Djinn Bar

With the hospitality sector being closed for the majority of the year, why not bring the bar to you?

You can only meet up with six people outside, which means, for example, all shoot meets ups have to be held outside instead of at the pub. But, don’t worry! Because you and your friends can now enjoy having a refreshing drink whether it be in a city park or the British countryside with our stylish Djinn Bar.

Our Djinn Bar has 10 separate compartments for bottles and glasses. The base that the Bar sits on is also designed to be used as a tray. The set of legs, with leather top straps provides a small useful luggage rack. It is a very versatile product.

2. Picnic Mat

For most of us, lockdown has made us appreciate what is outside our front door.

Whether it was strolls around the park or countryside adventures, we enjoyed nature once again.

I hope this continues past the current lockdown restrictions, which is why our picnic mats are the perfect purchase.

The material of the picnic mat is made for all weather types.

Which means with British weather being unpredictable as ever, you will not regret this buy.

3. Catalina Bag

Fnally, our Catalina Bag.

Everyone is looking forward to packing their bags and jetting off on holiday.

…And here is the travel bag you have been looking for!

The Catalina Bag is made from heavy duty canvas, vegetable tanned leather and rolled leather handles. The bag is lined with interior pockets and features solid brass zips and heavy-duty buckles.

It is big enough to fit all essentials but perfect for hand-luggage.

This gift is excellent to give your travel buddy, a friend who is constantly travelling from city to city or perhaps an accompaniment to surprise your loved one with a weekend away!

I hope this post has given you the much-needed inspiration you were looking for.

From everyone at Batavia House, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Written by Elizabeth Price